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Sequences Formed By Rounding The Twelve-Step Cycle of 4/sin(x) Symmetric Pseudoprimes Digit Reversal Sums Leading to Palindromes Min-Energy Configurations of Electrons On A Sphere The Sum of the Prime Factors of N Infinitely Many Rhondas Sequence Partitionable Into Powers of 2 or 3 Fermat's Last Theorem for Cubes Tangents, Exponentials, and PI Marginalia On Eulerian Numbers Can Schrodinger's Cat Factor Numbers? Why z Is Not a Prime Power in z^p = x^p + y^p Zeisel Numbers Identities for Linear Recurring Sequences Summations and Recurrences Optimizing Your Wife Thinking Outside the Triangle Sum-of-Digits Iterations Higher Order Dynamics Miscellaneous Diophantine Equations Random High-Low Searching What Happened to Dingle? The Dartboard Sequence Poisson Processes and Queues Finite Subgroups of the Mobius Group The Dullness of 1729 Highly Wilsonian Primes Dedekind's Problem Permutation Loops Legendre's Prime Number Conjecture Probabilities With Renaming Discrete Circular Distributions Multiple Linear Regression and Fourier Series At Least One Girl Parabola Through Four Points Archimedes and the Square Root of 3 Polyomino Enumerations Divisors of an n-term Geometric Series Nicolas Fatio and the Cause of Gravity Ratio Populations Piano Keys No Four Squares In Arithmetic Progression Integrating the Bell Curve Differences Between Normal Samples The Collector's Problem Sum of Divisors Equals a Power of 2 Bertelsen's Number Sandford's Elevator No One Will Believe You The Coin in Three Fountains Euclid's Plan and Proposition 6 Geophysical Altitudes Generalized Mediant The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Generalized Birthday Problem (N Items in M Bins) Numeri Idonei Sequences With No Arithmetic Progressions Cutting Self-Similar Pentagons A Primality Criterion Meeting Combinations and Interval Graphs The Limit Paradox Can n Divide !n ? Asymptotic Approach to 2D Arrays Prisca Sapientia Iterated Logarithmic Functions A Mass and Spring System in Motion Pythagoras On Dot and Cross Products Diophantine Walk-a-thon Sums of Three Cubes Why Calculus? Congruences Involving the Totient Function The Mystery of the Grazing Goat Quadratic Reciprocity Isospectral Point Sets in Higher Dimensions Expansion as Gravity and Many Worlds Periods of Fibonacci Sequences mod m Curvature of Linear Interpolation Mayan Numeration Cyclic and Reverse Divisibility Independence and Negation Systems of Reference in Classical Mechanics The Gambler's Ruin Geometric Dot Products and Digit Reversals Root-Matched Recurrences For DiffEQs A Conditional Protocol Infinite Products and a Tangent Fan Boolean Expansion as Linear Interpolation Testing Lorentz Invariance Additive and Multiplicative Partitions Powers of Primes Dividing Factorials Dice Rolling A Given Sum Generating the Monotone Boolean Functions Coloring The Edges of an Icosahedron Platonic Solids and Plato's Theory of Everything Sums of Powers in Terms of Symmetric Functions Cumulative Permutation Sequences On Ptolmey's Theorem Binary Games Evidence for Goldbach Berkeley and the Infidel Maxwell's Displacement and Einstein's Trace Differences Between Powers Barlow's Observation The Quantity of Motion Partitions into Consecutive Integers Fibonacci, 1/89, And All That The Speed of Sound Perpendicular Regression Of A Line Polynomials For Sums of Square Roots Hypocycloidal Engine Apollonius' Tangency Problem Gravitational Slingshot Transfer Functions and Causation Intrinsic Wobble of Spinning Objects Inverse-Square Forces and Orthogonal Polynomials Gauss' Lemma Without Divisibility Arguments Dual Failures with General Densities The IEEE Refutes Special Relativity Newton's Birth Date and the Anni Mirabiles Weibull Analysis Fuzzy Logic Meeting Probabilities On Two Trays Product Divisible By Sum of Squares Lucas Pseudoprimes Eigenvalue Problems and Matrix Invariants Center of Gravity With Integer Coordinates Iterated Means Lesage's Shadows Evaluating Probabilities of Boolean Events Something Like Quantum Mechanics On Relativistic Precession Continuous Turing Machines Subtracting the Reversal Recurrences For Harmonic Sums Saturnday, Sunday, Moonday Newton's Proposition LXXI Fractal Logic On Olber's Paradox The Center of Energy Bayesian Marbles Infinite Descent versus Induction Ptolemy's Orbit Square Roots by Pencil and Paper Sums of Consecutive Nth Powers Equal to an Nth Power Primitive Roots and Exponential Iterations Quasi-Groups Reverse Greed for Unit Fractions Galileo's Anagrams and the Moons of Mars Aliasing and Uncertainty Spiral Tilings and Integer Sequences On Derivations of Kepler's Laws Franklin's Magic Squares Did Archimedes Know Gauss-Bonnet? A Removable Singularity in Lead-Lag Coefficients Zeno and Uncertainty Square Triangular Numbers Did Einstein Misunderstand Aberration? Planetary Alignment A Quasi-Periodic Sequence Volume of n-Spheres and the Gamma Function The 450 Pound Problem (x^3 + y^3 = 6z^3) The Factorial Number System Dodgson's Paradox Integrating Polygonal Sagnac Paths The Half-Totient Tree Sagnac and Fizeau The Lemniscate and Spacetime The Five Squarable Lunes Interleaving Ad Infinitum Loci of Equi-angular Points Entangled Choices Iterative Solutions of Homogeneous Linear Systems The Statistics of Counterintelligence High Order Integration Schemes The No-Curvature Interpretation Frequency Response of First-Order Lag Remembering Socrates Fatio, Lesage, and the Camisards The Bulging Earth Pseudoprimes For x^2 - 4x - 9 Energy, Entropy, Enthalpy In Defense of Base-Related Problems Radical Expression For cos(2pi/7) Interference or Refraction? Generalized Lorentz Transformations and Relative Rotation The Prismoidal Formula Ancient Square Roots On f(x^2 + y^2) = f(x)^2 + f(y)^2 Harmonia Mensurarum Limit Cycles of xy (mod x+y) Coprime Partitions Fermat's Fallibility Heron's Formula and Brahmagupta's Generalization A Rotating Disk in Translation Lead-Lag Algorithms Balls In Bins The Y10K Problem, Pascal's Wager, and Petersberg Net Area and Green's Theorem Sublime Numbers Roemer's Hypothesis More Results on the Form xy (mod x+y) From Broken Chords To Trigonometric Identities Do We Really Need Eigen Values? Cramer's Paradox Proving Algebraic Inequalities Historical Assessments of the Fatio-Lesage Theory Phase, Group, and Signal Velocity Potential Flow and d'Alembert's Paradox A Knot of Congruences On x^2 + y^3 = z^6 The Laplace Equation and Harmonic Functions Series Solution of Non-Linear Equation Probabilities and Velocities Dialogues The Orbit of Triangles Translating Aristotle Integrating Factors The Filter Of Observation A Method Of Factoring Based On 1/N The Distribution of Perfection The Metamorphosis of Judas Iscariot Choice Without Context? Heron's Formula for Tetrahedra Rolling Spheres and Cones Precession in a Circle Round Trips and One-Way Speeds On x^3 - x + y^3 - y = z^3 - z Factoring Convex Figures Markov Modeling for Reliability Fermat's Last Theorem for Quadratic Integers Generalizing Pythagoras and Carnot Two Geophysical Coincidences Quadratic Congruences The 3m Halo Quantum Interactions On Null Surfaces Accidental Melodies Magnetism and Earnshaw's Theorem Why Was Michelson Surprised? Huygens' Principle Recurrences and Pell Equations Whole Permutation Fractions Compressor Stalls and Mobius Transformations Photons, Neutrinos, And Their Anti-Particles Series Solutions of the Wave Equation Leibniz's Rule Lead-Lag Frequency Response Twin Times The Wave Equation and Permutation of Rays Benevolent Design and the Anthropic Principle Leaning Ladders Old Notes on Curvature Differently Perfect Iterative Isoscelizing Reflecting on the Geometric Mean Analytic Functions, The Magnus Effect, and Wings Tilting Pencils A Barrel of Colors and Null Outcomes No Equilateral Triangles on a Chess Board Reconstructing Brouwer Simple Complex Quadratic Fields Exponential Partitions Detecting Squares The Four Color Theorem Combining Probabilities Convoluting Arrays Casting Out Nines Napoleon's Theorem Regular Polygonal Arrangements A Special Property of 151 Retrograde Moon? Mercurius in Sole Visus Numbers Expressible As (a^2 - 1)(b^2 - 1) The Shape of Coincidence Angular Angst Newtonian Gravity In Closed or Curved Space Sums of Powers Newtonian Precession of Mercury's Perihelion Hero and Fermat on Receding Mirrors True, Equivalent, and Calibrated Airspeeds Mean Distance from Vertex to Interior of Plane Figures Bernoulli Numbers and Harmonic Series Interleaving Fibonacci Numbers Concordant Forms The e in Petersburg Fermat's Infinite Descent If ab+1, ac+1, bc+1 are squares,... Galois Groups Squares in Arithmetic Progression (mod p) Hail Encounters Inverse Square Weighted Interpolation The Fundamental Theorem For Palindromic Polynomials Solving Magic Squares Reducing Quartics to Cubics Annuities With Inflation Negative Numbers Probability of a Random Triangle Being Acute Miscellanea A Cubic Puzzle Benford's Law On 13 Bridges Polynomials From Pascal's Triangle Poincare Contemplates Copernicus Hermitian Matrices A Primer On Special Relativity A Budget of Barn Poles A Complex Domain for Probability The Determinants of 4x4 Magic Squares Acute Problem Self-Similar Reverse-Sum Sequences Proof That PI is Irrational Intersections of Polynomials Unit Fractions and Fibonacci Non-Laplacian Interactions Herbert Dingle and the Twins Convergence of Series (How NOT to Prove PI Irrational) The Two Ohm Problem Feynman's Ants Colored Balls in Urns Spiritualism and Electromagnetism Cross-Linear Interpolation Distances In Bounded Regions Timely Confessions Infinite Parallel Redundancy N Points On Sphere all in One Hemisphere Main Daigonals and Euler's Totient Pent Up Ratios Differential Operators and the Divergence Theorem Two Properties of Markov Models Unit Fraction Partitions Laminar Transformations N = (x^2 + y^2)/(1+xy) is a Square The Most Teachable of Mortals Markov Models of Dual-Redundant Systems Balls In Bins With Limited Capacity Evaluate the Infinite Sum of n^2/(1+n^3) Black Holes, Event Horizons, and the Universe Egyptian Unit Fractions Bernoulli Trials Embedding Non-Euclidean Spaces in Euclidean Spaces Archimedes on Spheres and Cylinders Two-Dimensional Runs in Bernoulli Trials Perrin's Sequence Proof of Generalized Little Theorem of Fermat Is Arithmetic Consistent? Minimizing the Denominators of Unit Fraction Expansions Sphere Packing in Curved 3D Space Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Markov Models Equation of a Triangle 414298141056 Quarto Draws Suffice! Four Cubed (Complete Projection Cubes) The Aarau Question and the Light Complex Bit-String Orbits Under Rotate-XOR Partition Transform Cycles Reliability with Mixed Periodic Repairs Pythagorean Graphs On General Palindromic Numbers Sequences of Characters in Random Strings Recurrence Relations for Ordinary Differential Equations Reflective and Cyclic Sets of Primes Change of Variables in Multiple Integrals Representing Sets of Pure Order Interfering With PI The Longitude of Lewis and Clark On Case 1 of Fermat's Last Theorem Uniform Squares A Random Walk Through PI Botches, Failures, and Successes Cantor's Diagonal Proof Certainty In Mathematics Machin's Merit Is Knowledge Cumulative? Schwarzschild Coordinate Time Morley's Trisection Theorem Dialogue On Mathematical and Physical Knowledge Permutation Puzzles and Logic Problems Quintisection of an Angle Quadrilateral In a Circle Integer Sequences Related To PI The Ordering of Interactions Computing the Partitions of n The Euclidean Algorithm Series Within Parallel Resistance Networks What is an Inertial Coordinate System? Two Proofs for a Five Point Star Golf Tournaments, Polyhedra, and Latin Squares The Boxer and the Pigeons Generating Functions for Point Set Distances Harmonic Sums of Integers With k Binary 1's Are All Triangles Isosceles? Volume Under a Triangle Clouds, Shy Squares, and Diophantus Death's Dual: Life Be Not Proud White Ravens and Black Swans Hipparchus on Coumpound Statements Invariance, Covariance, and Contravariance Smallest Quad With Integer Sides, Perp Diags Proof that e is Irrational Constructible Points and Coverable Points Gravity of a Torus Ascending and Descending Digits Mock-Rational Numbers The Moon Always Veers Toward the Sun Irreducibility Criteria Newtonian and Relativistic Conservation Laws Napoleonic Vectors Accelerating In Place Is the World Provably Indeterminate? On the Density of Some Exceptional Primes Path Lengths and Coordinates Preserving the Wave The Fundamental Anagram of Calculus Higher-Order Wave Equations and Matter Waves Cellular Automata Magic Square of Squares A Quarky Formula for Volume of Parallelpiped On Cumulative Results of Quantum Measurements Bell Tests and Biased Samples Impossible Strings for Cellular Automata Born Rigidity, Acceleration, and Inertia Round-Robin Ties Piero della Francesca's Tetrahedron Formula From Euclid to Gregory Omni-Directional Flux Orthomagic Square of Squares Inertial Forces and D'Alembert's Principle Automedian Triangles, Eigen Vectors, and Magic Squares Derangements and Generalizations Gamaliel's Principle Forests or Trees On A Complex Plain Equal Bisectors and Isosceles Triangles Continued Fractions and Characteristic Recurrences Hamilton Cycles on McCauley Graphs The Expectation of Posterior Beliefs Collecting k Complete Sets of Coupons Double Equations from Triangles in Squares Global Reversibility of Cellular Automata Complete Solutions of Linear Systems The Mirror Question Menelaus and Ceva Ballistic Sagnac On the Solution of the Cubic One In The Chamber The Projection Postulate In Quantum Mechanics Kummer's Objection Omar Khayyam On Cubics Then There Were None Christmas Ornaments Measuring the Speed of Gravity Generating Random Numbers In Order Markov Models with Variable Transition Rates The Greedy Algorithm for Unit Fractions Irrationality of Quadratic Sums The Phase Effect of Acceleration Tangent To PI Cyclic Redundancy Checks Average of Sigma(n)/n Rational Sines of Rational Multiples of PI The Super-Symmetric Mean The Ten Means of Ancient Greece Catch of the Day (153 Fishes) Linear Fractional Transformations Loxodromic Aliasing Carnot, Organizer of Transversals An Optical Illusion Frequency and Energy Weighing the Moon An Algebraic Duality Decimal Representations as Power Series Einstein, Bohr, and Bell Lucas's Primality Test With Factored N-1 Highly Heronian Ellipses Galois's Analysis of Analysis Reactionless Propulsion (Not) How Leibniz Might Have Anticipated Euler Odd Greedy Unit Fraction Expansions Factoring Zeta Some Properties of the Lucas Sequence Four Squares From Three Numbers Ringing of the Changes (The Shape of 4!) Meandering Convergence of a Dirichlet Series Geodesic Diophantine Boxes Doppler Effect for Arbitrary Motion Triangular Tilings of a Sphere Constructing the Heptadecagon Fourier Transforms and Uncertainty Least Significant Non-Zero Digit of n! Function 34776 Gauss's Children and Adam's Gold Zeno's Mice and the Logarithmic Spiral What's the Deal? Fault Trees and Markov Models Rigidly Re-Orienting An Extended Body Redundant Systems With A Common Threat Biased and Anti-Biased Variance Estimates Failure Rates, MTBFs, and All That Mean Partial Sums of Non-Convergent Series Formal-Numeric Series The Cube Unfolded Constant Headings and Rhumb Lines Markov's Marbles Enveloping Circular Arcs Normals From A Point To An Ellipse Discrete Fourier Transforms f(f(x))=exp(x) Generates the Multinomials Laplace Transforms Expulsion Sets Normal Shock Waves Discordance Impedes Square Magic No Progression of Four Rectangles On A Conic? Bi-Rational Substitutions Giving Squares N-Fold Polygonal Spirals Progress on Dedekind's Problem Expected Area of Random Polygon in a Circle The Tetratorus and Other Multi-Layered Polyhedra The Stars In The Sky Is e Normal? The Curvatures of Hypersurfaces Quantum Entanglement and Bell's Theorem The Thought of a Thought - Edgar Allan Poe Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics Time for a Rocking Chair Arranging the Solutions of f(x+y+z)=xyz Continuity and the Void Gerber's Gravity Does a Uniformly Accelerating Charge Radiate? From the Geometric Series to Stirling Numbers An Infinite Wall Platonions Conditions for Relativity Reasoning with Reversibility Potential Energy, Inertia, and Quantum Coherence Musings on Attractive Forces Coherent Arrays of Squares Regulating Risk The Hydrogen Atom Non-Periodic Tilings With N-fold Symmetry Aperiodic Tilings Tilings Based on Perrin's Sequence Pappus' Theorem Pascal's Mystic Hexagram The Resultant and Bezout's Theorem A Unique Intersection Pattern for Plane Curves Revisiting the Four-Point Parabola The Crystallographic Restriction Wonder En Is Gheen Wonder Phased Summations Harmonia Praestabilita Is Entropy Quantized? Reversibility and Entropy Guessing Faster Than Light World's Oldest Man Dies Spacetime Coordinates and Frames Partitions into Distinct Parts Hoop-Skirts of the Mind Hold Your Horses Asymptotic Rate of an Open Loop Markov Model Reliability of Series-Parallel Systems Stokes' Mistake Aberration of Forces and Waves Electrodynamics - The Curl of the Curl Noether's Theorem Maxwell and Second-Degree Commutation Central Forces from Retarded Action Retarded and Advanced Potentials Galileo's Law of Planetary Motion Propagation of Pressure and Waves Mnemonic Coins and Pattern Avoidance Whittaker and the Aether The Virial Theorem Gravity, Entropy, and Coherence Electoral Draws The Electric Potential of a Moving Charge The Electric and Magnetic Fields of a Moving Charge Undetected Failures of Threat Protection Pitch and Color Recognition Color Space, Physical Space, and Fourier Transforms Probability of Intersecting Intervals Efficient and Final Causes Gravitational and Inertial Mass in Newton's Principia Series Solution of Relativistic Orbits Continuous From Discrete Transfer Functions If the Sun Were Suddenly to Explode Geodesics by Differentiation The Doppler Effect General Relativity and the Principle of Inertia Timed Markov Models Periodic and Continuous Repair Models Hawking Radiation as Delayed Choice Hawking Radiation and Super-Acoustic Diffusion Rotation Matrices Hierarchial Repair and Quantum State Reduction The Portraits of Emilie Spacetime Inversion Complete Markov Models and Reliability Eigen Systems Markov Models with Boolean Transition Logic Einstein on the Inertia of Energy Another Derivation of Mass-Energy Equivalence Binary Reverse-Sum Automata Resonance and Motion Null Cones in Cylindrical Dimensions The Effect of Variations in Speed The Ergodic Hypothesis and Equipartition of Energy The Necessity of the Quantum Zur Farbenlehre Maxwell's Paradox of Attraction Kinetic Pressure and Tetrode's Star The Twelfth Rainbow The Spacetime Hole and the EPR Arguments Why Maxwell Couldn't Explain Gravity Spherical Waves in Higher Dimensions Causality and the Wave Equation Fractional Calculus Waves in Ascending and Descending Dimensions Euclid's Proposition III,20 and its Converse Dirac's Belt Exponential Spiral Tilings On de Bruijn Grids and Tilings Controversies Over the Equivalence Principle On Euler's Pentagonal Theorem Stochastic Rhombic Tiling Inverse Functions Markov Models with Aging Components Guillaume, Guillaume, and Einstein Age Distributions in Continuous Markov Models On The Many Principles of Equivalence The Moszkowski Affair On the Ellipse Dialogue on the Foundations of String Theory Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces The Amanda Arrangement Does Relativistic Mass Imply Special Relativity? On Diffraction On the Origins of Quantum Mechanics Bras, Kets, and Matrices Eccentrics, Deferents, Epicycles, and Equants The Cayley-Hamilton Theorem Curved Coordinate Systems and Fictitious Forces The Doctrine of Chance The Euler-Maclaurin Formula Sums and Differences of Discrete Functions Rotations and Anti-Symmetric Tensors Generating Functions and Recurrence Relations Lorentz Boosts and the Electromagnetic Field Eigen Duality and Quantum Measurement Analytic Continuation Did Poincare Anticipate Godel? Trouton-Noble and the Right-Angle Lever Routh's Formula by Cross Products Symmetries and Persistent Identities The Dirac Equation From the Field Equations to the Kruskal Metric Gerber's Light Deflection Analysis of Relativistic Orbits Did Newton Answer Halley's Question? Linear Fractional Space-Time Transformations Acoustic Metrics and the Vacuum Sudoku Symmetries Prior and Conditional Probabilities The Dirac Delta Function Simplex Volumes and the Cayley-Menger Determinant Tetrahedra with Edges in Arithmetic Progression Cosmological Horizons Classical Electrons and Spacetime Volume Infinite Grid of Resistors The Algebra of an Infinite Grid of Resistors Resistor Grids and Matrix Square Roots Quasi-Eigen Systems Fields and Coordinates An Infinite Series for Resistor Grids Transverse Mass in Einstein's Electrodynamics Weibull and Lightning Transformation of Electromagnetic Amplitude Electromagnetic Energy, One Way or Another Triangles and Diophantine n-Tuples Areas of Conic Quadrilaterals Diophantine n-tuples and their Duals Two Envelopes Never Say Never Reaching Ruin in Limited Turns Teaching Special Relativity Partition Parities Absolute Rest Feynman, French Curves, and Fragility Quadrilateral Duality Intersecting Circles Laplace on the Speed of Gravity Velocity Compositions and Rapidity Kinematics and Dynamics in Special Relativity Disappearing Sun Magnetic Dipoles Octacubic Coherence and Symmetry Breaking An All-Collapse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics? From Schwarzschild to Droste On Matrix Mechanics Length Contraction, Passive and Active Quantum Oscillator and Delannoy Numbers Dialogue on Many Worlds Fresnel's Drag Coefficient and Dispersion On the Higgs Mechanism Bisecting Plane Figures Are Relativistic Effects Kinematic? Variations on St. Petersburg Frequency Response of High Order Systems Derivations of Relativistic Light Deflection Continued Fractions and Weighted Mediants Rational and Empirical Origins of Special Relativity Poisson's Equation and the Universe Probabilities, Odds, and Relativistic Speeds Counting Zeros and Crossing Over Boosts and Rotations Twelve Men and a Seesaw Thomas Harriot and the New World Different Wavelengths Superluminal or Not Celestial Deflection Anisotropic Coordinates Refraction Revisited and Newton's Gespensterfeld Gravitational Redshift and the Equivalence Principle LXOR Cellular Automata and Perpendicular Causation Equidistant Curves Hierarchical Models and Cascading Inferences Stochastic Sprinkling Probabilities for Splitting Sets Eigenspaces and Automedian Cycles Preserving the Intervals Probabilities with Variable Failure Rates Quantum Mechanics and Separability Light Deflection in Isotropic Coordinates Lorentz's Scale Factor Adventitious Solutions Tangential Identities Anti-Symmetric Arrays for Linear Recurrences Archimedes and Godfrey The Zeta Function The Emission Theory of Walter Ritz Determining the Galois Group of a Polynomial Light Paths in Rotating Coordinates Intersecting Loci With Constant Separation LIDAR Speed Guns and the Frequency of a Photon The Step and the Footnote Information and Energy
Reflections on Relativity Preface Experience and Spacetime Systems of Reference Inertia and Relativity The Relativity of Light Corresponding States A More Practical Arrangement Staircase Wit More Symmetry Null Coordinates The Spacetime Interval Force Laws and Maxwell's Equations The Inertia of Energy Doppler Shift for Sound and Light Stellar Aberration Mobius Transformations of the Night Sky The Sagnac Effect Refraction Between Moving Media Accelerated Travels The Starry Messenger Thomas Precession Postulates and Principles Natural and Violent Motions De Mora Luminis Stationary Paths A Quintessence of So Subtle a Nature The End of My Latin Zeno and the Paradox of Motion A Very Beautiful Day Constructing the Principles Immovable Spacetime Inertial and Gravitational Separations Free-Fall Equations Force, Curvature, and Uncertainty Conventional Wisdom The Field of All Fields The Inertia of Twins The Breakdown of Simultaneity Absorbing Acceleration Tensors, Contravariant and Covariant Curvature, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Relatively Straight Schwarzschild Metric from Kepler's 3rd Law The Equivalence Principle Riemannian Geometry The Field Equations An Exact Solution Anomalous Precession Bending Light Radial Paths in Spherically Symmetrical Fields Proper Time in Circular Orbits Flying Clocks Acceleration in Schwarzschild Coordinates Moving Sources and Gravitational Waves Is the Universe Closed? The Formation and Growth of Black Holes Falling Into and Hovering Near A Black Hole Curled-Up Dimensions Packing Universes In Spacetime Cosmological Coherence Boundaries and Symmetries Global Interpretations of Local Experience Kepler, Napier, and the Third Law Newton's Cosmological Queries The Helen of Geometers Refractions On Relativity Scholium On Gauss' Mountains Strange Meeting Who Invented Relativity? Doubling the Deflection Conquering the Perihelion Paths Not Taken In The Neighborhood Up To Diffeomorphism Higher-Order Metrics Polarization and Spin Entangled Events Von Neumann's Postulate and Bell's Freedom Angels and Archetypes Quaedam Tertia Natura Abscondita Locality and Temporal Asymmetry Spacetime Mediation of Quantum Interactions Conclusion Appendices

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