Probability and Statistics

Evaluating Probabilities of Boolean Events
The Gambler's Ruin
Integrating the Bell Curve
Poisson Processes and Queues
Ratio Populations
Failure Rates, MTBFs, and All That
Boolean Expansion as Linear Interpolation
At Least One Girl
The Collector's Problem
Periodic and Continuous Repair Models
Collecting k Complete Sets of Coupons
Generalized Birthday Problem (N Items in M Bins)
Probabilities With Renaming
Dice Rolling A Given Sum
Redundant Systems With A Common Threat
Meeting Probabilities
On Two Trays
Bayesian Marbles
Random High-Low Searching
Hierarchial Repair and Quantum State Reduction
Reliability with Mixed Periodic Repairs
Balls In Bins
Probabilities for Splitting Sets
A Barrel of Colors and Null Outcomes
Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Markov Models
The e in Petersburg
Weibull Analysis
Two Properties of Markov Models
Mnemonic Coins and Pattern Avoidance
Two Envelopes
Bernoulli Trials
Hail Encounters
Dual Failures with General Densities
The Combination of Probabilities
Markov Modeling for Reliability
Prior and Conditional Probabilities
Weibull and Lightning
Reaching Ruin in Limited Turns
Optimizing Your Wife
Complete Markov Models and Reliability
Probabilities and Velocities
Differences Between Normal Samples
Benford's Law
Perpendicular Regression Of A Line
On 13 Bridges
Fault Trees and Markov Models
Probability of a Random Triangle Being Acute
Infinite Parallel Redundancy
Combining Probabilities
What's the Deal?
Dodgson's Paradox
Regulating Risk
N Points On Sphere Fall In One Hemisphere
Two-Dimensional Runs in Bernoulli Trials
Reliability of Series-Parallel Systems
Independence and Negation
Undetected Failures of Threat Protection
A Random Walk Through PI
Variations on St. Petersburg
The Shape of Coincidence
Markov Models with Boolean Transition Logic
The Expectation of Posterior Beliefs
Markov Models of Dual-Redundant Systems
Then There Were None
Generating Random Numbers In Order
Biased and Anti-Biased Variance Estimates
Markov's Marbles
Probabilities with Variable Failure Rates
The Y10K Problem, Pascal's Wager, and Petersberg
Expected Area of Random Polygon in a Circle
World's Oldest Man Dies
Asymptotic Rate of an Open Loop Markov Model
Probability of Intersecting Intervals
Timed Markov Models
Never Say Never

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