Mercurius in Sole Visus
The Thought of a Thought - Edgar Allan Poe
The Prismoidal Formula
Gerber's Gravity
Harmonia Mensurarum
Carnot, Organizer of Transversals
Roemer's Hypothesis
Magnetism and Earnshaw's Theorem
Nicolas Fatio and the Cause of Gravity
Stokes' Mistake
Timely Confessions
Wonder En Is Gheen Wonder
The Quantity of Motion
Historical Assessments of the Fatio-Lesage Theory
Archimedes and the Square Root of 3
Bertelsen's Number
Euclid's Plan and Proposition 6
Mayan Numeration
Saturnday, Sunday, Moonday
The Dullness of 1729
Berkeley and the Infidel
Newton's Birth Date and the Anni Mirabiles
Whittaker and the Aether
Franklin's Magic Squares
Fatio, Lesage, and the Camisards
Fermat's Infinite Descent
Negative Numbers
The Emission Theory of Walter Ritz
Hold Your Horses
Did Archimedes Know Gauss-Bonnet?
Herbert Dingle and the Twins
Egyptian Unit Fractions
The Metamorphosis of Judas Iscariot
Catch of the Day (153 Fishes)
From Euclid to Gregory
What Happened to Dingle?
Napoleon's Theorem
Guillaume, Guillaume, and Einstein
Fermat's Fallibility
Eccentrics, Deferents, Epicycles, and Equants
Gerber's Light Deflection
Classical Electrons and Spacetime Volume
The Ten Means of Ancient Greece
Absolute Rest
Why Was Michelson Surprised?
The Most Teachable of Mortals
Hipparchus on Coumpound Statements
The Fundamental Anagram of Calculus
Piero della Francesca's Tetrahedron Formula
Omar Khayyam On Cubics
Heron's Formula and Brahmagupta's Generalization
Gravitational and Inertial Mass in Newton's Principia
Continuity and the Void
Legendre's Prime Number Conjecture
Galois's Analysis of Analysis
How Leibniz Might Have Anticipated Euler
The Aarau Question and the Light Complex
Gauss's Children and Adam's Gold
Constructing the Heptadecagon
The Moszkowski Affair
Prisca Sapientia
Harmonia Praestabilita
Einstein on the Inertia of Energy
Accidental Melodies
The Portraits of Emilie
Poincare Contemplates Copernicus
Ancient Square Roots
Reflections on Relativity
Archimedes on Spheres and Cylinders
Newton's Proposition LXXI
Platonic Solids and Plato's Theory of Everything
Lesage's Shadows
Archimedes and Godfrey
No One Will Believe You
Galileo's Anagrams and the Moons of Mars
Remembering Socrates
Thomas Harriot and the New World
The Bulging Earth
Translating Aristotle
The Longitude of Lewis and Clark
Galileo's Law of Planetary Motion
Maxwell's Displacement and Einstein's Trace
Zur Farbenlehre
Kinetic Pressure and Tetrode's Star
Did Einstein Misunderstand Aberration?
The Doctrine of Chance
Did Newton Answer Halley's Question?
Transverse Mass in Einstein's Electrodynamics
Laplace on the Speed of Gravity

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