Set Theory and Foundations

Representing Sets of Pure Order
Color Space, Physical Space, and Fourier Transforms
Global Reversibility of Cellular Automata
Guessing Faster Than Light
Spiritualism and Electromagnetism
The Necessity of the Quantum
Maxwell's Paradox of Attraction
Fuzzy Logic
Continuous Turing Machines
Fractal Logic
On Olber's Paradox
Hawking Radiation and Super-Acoustic Diffusion
Generalized Lorentz Transformations and Relative Rotation
Zeno and Uncertainty
Is Arithmetic Consistent?
Reconstructing Brouwer
The 3m Halo
Euclid's Plan and Proposition 6
Constructible Points and Coverable Points
Round Trips and One-Way Speeds
Cantor's Diagonal Proof
Conditions for Relativity
Expansion as Gravity and Many Worlds
A Complex Domain for Probability
Function 34776
An Infinite Wall
Omni-Directional Flux
Interfering With PI
Choice Without Context?
Different Wavelengths
Information and Energy
The Shortest Path To Trigonometric Identities
Certainty In Math and Physics
Einstein, Bohr, and Bell
Dialogue On Mathematical and Physical Knowledge
Hierarchical Models and Cascading Inferences
Is Knowledge Cumulative?
Are All Triangles Isosceles?
Poisson's Equation and the Universe
Higher Order Dynamics
The Mirror Question
Quantum Mechanics and Separability
Controversies Over the Equivalence Principle
Refraction Revisited and Newton's Gespensterfeld
On the Origins of Quantum Mechanics
Lorentz Boosts and the Electromagnetic Field
Did Poincare Anticipate Godel?
The Step and the Footnote
Acoustic Metrics and the Vacuum
Fields and Coordinates
Length Contraction, Passive and Active
Preserving the Wave
An All-Collapse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?
Musings on Attractive Forces
Something Like Quantum Mechanics
Timely Confessions
What is an Inertial Coordinate System?
If the Sun Were Suddenly to Explode
Is the World Provably Indeterminate?
Gamaliel's Principle
Anisotropic Coordinates
MathPages Wanted List
Newtonian Gravity In Closed or Curved Space
Dialogue on the Foundations of String Theory
Infinite Descent versus Induction
Newtonian and Relativistic Conservation Laws
Death's Dual: Life Be Not Proud
Expulsion Sets
Non-Laplacian Interactions
Interleaving Ad Infinitum
White Ravens and Black Swans
Spacetime Coordinates and Frames
Continuity and the Void
Potential Energy, Inertia, and Quantum Coherence
Cellular Automata
Probabilities, Odds, and Relativistic Speeds
Hoop-Skirts of the Mind
Harmonia Praestabilita
Central Forces from Retarded Action
Gravitational Redshift and the Equivalence Principle
Pitch and Color Recognition
Dialogue on Many Worlds
General Relativity and the Principle of Inertia
Efficient and Final Causes
Kinematics and Dynamics in Special Relativity
Feynman's Ants
Another Derivation of Mass-Energy Equivalence
Hawking Radiation as Delayed Choice
Null Cones in Cylindrical Dimensions
On Relativistic Precession
The Spacetime Hole and the EPR Arguments
Stochastic Sprinkling
Are Relativistic Effects Kinematic?
Benevolent Design and the Anthropic Principle
Lorentz's Scale Factor
Notes from Behind Bars
Causality and the Wave Equation
Dirac's Belt
From Schwarzschild to Droste
On The Many Principles of Equivalence
Curved Coordinate Systems and Fictitious Forces
Eigen Duality and Quantum Measurement
Symmetries and Persistent Identities
Linear Fractional Space-Time Transformations
Quasi-Eigen Systems

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