Partitions into Distinct Parts
Dedekind's Problem
On Eulerian Numbers
Round-Robin Ties
The Four Color Theorem
Polyomino Enumerations
Powers of Primes Dividing Factorials
The Dartboard Sequence
Meeting Combinations and Interval Graphs
Binary Games
Additive and Multiplicative Partitions
414298141056 Quarto Draws Suffice!
Coloring The Edges of an Icosahedron
Uniform Squares
Cumulative Permutation Sequences
Center of Gravity With Integer Coordinates
Sums and Differences of Discrete Functions
The Statistics of Counterintelligence
Partition Transform Cycles
Clouds, Shy Squares, and Diophantus
Computing the Partitions of n
Solving Magic Squares
Generating the Monotone Boolean Functions
Meeting Probabilities
The Determinants of 4x4 Magic Squares
Discrete Circular Distributions
Partition Parities
Twelve Men and a Seesaw
Balls In Bins With Limited Capacities
Colored Balls in Urns
Sequences of Characters in Random Strings
Complete Bit-Cubes
The Factorial Number System
A Conditional Protocol
Partitions into Consecutive Integers
Regular Polygonal Arrangements
The Boxer and the Pigeons
Two Proofs of Impossibility for Five-Point Star
Golf Tournaments, Polyhedra, and Latin Squares
Generating Functions for Point Set Distances
Derangements and Generalizations
Botches, Failures, and Successes
The Coin in Three Fountains
Impossible Strings for Cellular Automata
Hamilton Cycles on McCauley Graphs
Permutation Puzzles and Logic Problems
Collecting k Complete Sets of Coupons
Christmas Ornaments
Pythagorean Graphs
Ringing of the Changes (The Shape of 4!)
f(f(x))=exp(x) Generates the Multinomials
Progress on Dedekind's Problem
Electoral Draws
On Euler's Pentagonal Theorem
Octacubic Coherence and Symmetry Breaking
Generating Functions and Recurrence Relations

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